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Pump Installation in Parksville Along With Repairs & Water Treatment Solutions

Red Williams Well Drilling Ltd offers affordable pump installation services in Parksville. Our product range includes ½ HP for residential customers to 100+ HP pumps for commercial or irrigation projects. Our team employs effective methods to install pumps. We ensure that our services are in accordance with the approved standards. 

Generally speaking, experts maintain that the ideal way to install a pump is in the well on a pitless adaptor, keeping all piping underground to avoid freezing. However, the treatment might vary in accordance with the situation. Our pump installations are available at competitive rates. We cater to both commercial and residential projects. Get in touch with our team to know more about our services.

Pump Maintenance and Repair Services

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pump in good condition. We offer quality pump maintenance services. Our company is committed to undergoing routine check-ups of the installed system. All our services are in accordance with the necessary regulations.

Water Treatment 

If you are looking for water treatment services, look no further and get in touch with us. We ensure a speedy resolution for all your water treatment needs. We have been serving the local community of Parksville and Qualicum Beach, and all of Vancouver Island with water treatment services for over 10 years. We also supply items such as pipes, pumps, fittings, sprinklers, water purification systems, water softeners, valves, HDPE, recon systems and much more. If you want your grass to stay green or your water to stay clear, we are the place to visit.

Try Our Service

Hire us for pump repairs or call us for water treatments; we won’t disappoint you!

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